#201 When you owe someone $10 and someone else owes you $10 and they just give $10 to the person you owe instead (via 1000 Awesome Things)

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#201 When you owe someone $10 and someone else owes you $10 and they just give $10 to the person you owe instead Way to cut out the middleman. AWESOME! Photo from: here … Read More

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Jack of all trades.

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It was past 7pm last night and I was watching my favorite tv show. From time to time I change channels to check on what’s with the news since i haven’t heard about them lately. As I skip channels, my eyes were locked into this government-owned station as they are showing one of their documentaries about the man behind the ‘Filipino democracy’, Ninoy Aquino. I can’t help but be amazed on how sharp his thoughts are, how spontaneous and articulate, very brilliant mind. I was in awe as I heard him speak. A person who really knew what he is talking about. Then I wondered what the Philippines could have been if he successfully dethroned Ferdinand Marcos from his dictatorship. Could we have been a developing country now? A government with less corrupt officials? How far could our country go? I keep on asking these to myself as I heard him say and I quote: ‘I may not be able to dethrone Marcos from his government but I’ll make sure that the very last drop pf my blood will be for the good of all Filipinos.’ From this statement, I can feel his love for the country. The willingness of him to freed his country from those iron hands and give the people what they deserve.

I was so overwhelmed by his opinions and views and how much he is willing to give up for the betterment of the Filipinos. An officer in Harvard University and also a graduate from a prestigious university in Boston, a witty and spontaneous speaker, a jack of all trades i may say. He never missed to made himself known. It was just so funny that being a bookworm that he is, any topic thrown at him became a juice of information and interesting. A mindful information as always is what you can expect from him. He even knew better the American history that any other politicians or locals asked as narrated in the documentary.

Having these facts known about Ninoy, one might really wonder ‘What if..’ He was a chance that was not fulfilled. A hope that was shattered for every Filipino. So you can’t really question why the love of the Filipinos overflowed in EDSA beside his lying corps. If only I was born years before this historic event happened, I have something to say to my children in proud words how a Filipino man like Ninoy once changed the fate of the oppressed. He may not ended successfully but it was the legacy that was kept in the hearts of every single Filipino that they will cherish forever.

Ninoy. A Filipino. A jack of all trades. An idol.


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And i finally made my first blog. Now what to say? I am out of words. What really made me decide to start my own book of thoughts and opinions is after reading and enjoying my colleague’s blog site. There anything goes as you are the captain of the ship. As long as your thinking caps are on then you are good to go. Which is a good output especially during those uneasy days. An expressive way to unwind. So I said, why shouldn’t I give it a try. I just hope this site gets better and brighter as time goes by.

For now, I guess this should suffice? I will be planning for more to share in the coming days.

At least now I…am…CERTIFIED!